amazd is minimalistic. Unlike other clip/text collecting services, we here at amazd are only interested in high quality textual content.

Not image memes, or gifs, or cat videos, or PR spam.

The idea is to build a platform and a community around high caliber articles, papers, journals, essays, reviews, fiction and non-fiction books and other forms of text-based content.

By giving you simple, easy to use tools to highlight and collect these contents, you are left with more time to explore and find like-minded people.

Imaging being able to follow what your favorite political economy professor is reading/highlighting. Or knowing the exact kind of content a NYT columnist finds intriguing. Or knowing what parts of an article/topic you friends have found illuminating/fascinating.


The idea for amazd was first conceived in the summer of 2012. Possibly as a result of seeing how much such a service is missing in the market.

You've seen people sharing articles on facebook or twiter, with a highlight from the article accompanying the posting. The idea is to aggregate all these posting in a simple but powerful interface.

And the hope is that in the long term, this sort of functionality becomes common place UI element in their respected platform:

- Browser: that the ability to highlight and store content becomes native browser functionality. So that anyone could choose to either store the content locally or sync with some third part services (like this site).

- Ebook Hardware: that both ebook apps and platforms become more open and transparent as far as sharing or providing APIs for highlighted data; instead of making users jump through a dozen hoop to get to their own data.


You can contact us by emailing team(at)