Why Are Google Employees So Disloyal? - Bloomberg View

The upside for the candidates is that, apart from the high salaries and epicurean perks, they get co-workers who are fun to interact with. The resulting environment appears to be a happy one: 84 percent of the Google workforce has a high level of job satisfaction, one of the highest percentages in the Fortune 500. The low median tenure, however, is not just a statistical quirk. Technology companies that hire the smartest young people around all but guarantee themselves a high churn rate. A lack of employer loyalty is a defining feature of Generation Y. No matter how satisfied these highly marketable young minds may be, no matter how much they enjoy the free meals and hybrid car subsidies, they will jump ship as soon as they get bored or get a better offer elsewhere."It is a hot job market," says Bardaro.

Why Are Google Employees So Disloyal? - Bloomberg View Sunday, July 20, 2014 @ 3:44pm