Iran Sanctions Cost The U.S. Billions: Study

According to the study done by the National Iranian American Council: The negative impact of sanctions to the U.S. economy has been staggering, between $134.7 and $175.3 billion, and continues to rise. The human cost has been even greater, with lost job opportunities reaching above 200,000 in some years. These are surprisingly high yet conservative estimates since neither secondary economic effects such as higher oil prices are captured by the model nor the reduction of Iranian imports as a consequence of sanctions hampering Iran’s GDP. The analysis, which includes 1995 to 2012, suggests there is a significant economic upside for the U.S. and Iran to reach an agreement on how to manage Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Iran Sanctions Cost The U.S. Billions: Study Saturday, August 2, 2014 @ 5:00pm | Modified